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With two Ronald McDonald Houses in Springfield (one near Cox South and one in Mercy Children’s Hospital), Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Ozarks has provided a home-away-from-home for more than 10,000 families. In caring for their seriously ill or injured child, moms and dads experience one of life’s greatest challenges, and more than ever, they need support.

You have the unique opportunity to lead the crusade in helping these families as their stories continue. Ronald McDonald House Charities cares for more than 800 families each year, and with your help, they will have a place to call home. We encourage you to Heart the Houses by Adopting a Room for 2017 in one (or both) of our Ronald McDonald Houses. By Adopting a Room, you are letting these families know that you are behind them 100% as they battle fear and uncertainty, all the while trying to remain positive for their child, who faces challenges no child should face.

What Does it Mean to Heart the Houses?

When you adopt a room at the Ronald McDonald Houses, you are giving the gift of hope. Your support directly helps families write chapters of strength in their ongoing stories. Please adopt a room and Heart the Houses to keep families close and many times, help kids heal faster.

How to Heart the Houses

The “Adopt A Room” Program is a great way for you, your company or organization to Heart the Houses. With your gift, you will become a Ronald McDonald House Annual Room Sponsor and your name will be displayed on a special plaque near or within the room. Simply click here to donate online to our Heart the House campaign. You can also call 417-875-3505 to make a donation over the phone.

Below, you can find out more information about adoptable rooms at both the Ronald McDonald House Near Cox South and the Ronald McDonald House in Mercy Children’s Hospital.


Our Families’ Stories

Click on the images above to learn more about some of our families who have benefited from people like you who Heart the Houses. To read more about our families and their journeys, click on the image below.



Below you’ll find a list of this year’s donors who Heart the Houses. Click on the image below to see last year’s generous donors.


Ronald McDonald House near Cox South

 Family Room:
 Living Room: Rick Gilmore, in memory of Maya Rain McInturff – Two Months
 Playroom: Kelley & Nancy McKenzie – One Month
Tom Jensen, in honor of his clients – One Month
Jay Hickman, in honor of his clients – One Month
 Kitchen: Corwin Dodge Ram Fiat – Two Quarters
 Dining Room #1: A Special Guardian Angel, in memory of John W. (Jack) Henry – One Year
 Dining Room #2: A Special Guardian Angel, in memory of John W. (Jack) Henry – One Year
 Family Living Center:
 Office for Volunteers & Staff: Donna Powers – One Quarter
 Assistant Managers’ Quarters:
 Main Entryway: Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Two Quarters
 Laundry Room #1: Ewing & Carol Gourley – One Year
 Laundry Room #2: Bonnie Atteberry – One Quarter
 Bedroom 101:
 Bedroom 102: Abacus CPAs, LLC – Two Months
Larry & Eileen Meinsen – One Month
Pete Sumners, in memory of E.B. & Sammie Sumners – One Month
Charles & Sue Howell – One Month
Kevin & Gina Little – One Month
Ken & Tracy Coleman, in memory of Rich Coleman – One Month
Robert & Suzanne Israel, in memory of Ralph & Dulcie Israel and Paul & Lois Campbell – One Quarter
A gift in honor of Crosby L. Keller – One Month
The Epp Family, in honor of Ivan Stephens – One Month
 Bedroom 103: Dan & Lisa Blumenstock – One Year
 Bedroom 104: Jim Jordan, in honor of U.S. Marine Corps Aviation – One Year
 Bedroom 105: A Special Guardian Angel, in honor of Ty & Lindsay Hutchens – One Year
 Bedroom 201: A Special Guardian Angel, in honor of Tad & Erin Hutchens – One Year
 Bedroom 202: A Special Guardian Angel, in honor of Taylor & Esther Hutchens – One Year
 Bedroom 203: A Special Guardian Angel, in honor of Corbie & Jon Ferns – One Year
 Bedroom 204: A Special Guardian Angel, in honor of Melissa & Tanner Weatherbee – One Year
 Bedroom 205: Ronnie & Donna Ward, in honor of Lilly & Lucy Newberry – One Year
 Bedroom 206: A Special Guardian Angel – One Year
 Bedroom 207: Valeta Hammar – One Year
 Bedroom 208: Scott & Melissa Roush, in memory of Shelby Dawn Roush & Joan Roush – One Year
 Bedroom 209: Gayden & Catherine Wilkins, in honor of their grandchildren – Nathan, Jacob, Samuel & Madeline – One Year

House at Mercy Children’s Hospital

 Living Room:
 Kitchen: Corwin Dodge Ram Fiat – Two Quarters
 Dining Room:
 Playroom: Dr. Marla J. Floyd, in memory of Betty W. Floyd, R.N. – One Month
J. Patrick & Michele Brooks – One Month
Tom Jensen, in honor of his clients – One Month
 Assistant Managers’ Quarters: A Special Guardian Angel, in memory of John W. (Jack) Henry – One Year
 Office for Volunteers & Staff:
 Main Entryway: Kim & Terry Booth, in honor of Tim & Debbie Kinser & Family – One Month
 Gathering Room:
 Laundry Center:
 Computer Nook:
 Family Locker Room: Bob & Debbie Williams – One Quarter
Jeffrey & Melinda Fielder – One Quarter
 Bedroom 101: Abacus CPAs, LLC – Two Months
Frank & Karen Driscoll, in memory of Christopher Driscoll – One Month
A gift in honor of Kennedy W. Keller – One Month
A gift in honor of Savannah A. Keller – One Month
Mark & Angie Patrick – One Quarter
Amber & Marshall Price – One Month
Sid & Jeanne Carpenter, in honor of the National Heights Baptist Church Staff – One Month
Tim & Debbie Kinser – One Month
 Bedroom 102: David O’Reilly – One Year
 Bedroom 103: Ryan Blumenstock – One Year
 Bedroom 104: Gayden & Catherine Wilkins, in honor of their grandchildren – Nathan, Jacob, Samuel & Madeline – One Year
 Bedroom 105: Ronnie & Donna Ward, in honor of Lilly & Lucy Newberry – One Year
 Bedroom 106:
 Bedroom 107:
 Bedroom 108:
 Bedroom 109:
 Bedroom 110:

Supporting Contributors

A Special Guardian Angel Glen & Beverly Blake
Bobby Cain, in honor of Cain & Colt Collins Andy & Jeanie Cash, in honor of Zoey Jean La Nore
Larry & Cynthia Clark Commerce Bancshares Foundation
Don & Mary Cupps, in honor of Beverly J. Barnes Gale & Becky Edwards
Art & Becky Farris James & Betty Gordon
Bob & Laveta Houston, in memory of Tressia LuAnn Houston Don Innes
Robert & Barbara Kipfer Virginia Mais
Mac McCartney Irma McCaskill, in memory of David Farnum
Cindy A. McGarry, CPA, PC Kenneth & Susanne Miller
Gene & Mollie Molnar Ivan & Mindy Muñoz
Adil & Vicki Na’ayem John Nipper & Laura Kutz
Rob & Sherri Oehme Patrick & Laura Patterson
Bob & Barbara Rutledge Mark & Crystal Sharp, in memory of Don & Ruth Engelmann
Tracy & Michelle Sloan Brody & Bethany Smith (designated for House near Cox South)
Tommy & Patricia Taylor Carolyn Joan Thornhill
Chuck Tice Mark & Suzanne Vert
Judy Weekly Brandon & Hillary West
David & Donna Williams Carl A. Wilson
Richard & Celinda Wilt, in honor of Lyndsey & Gabe Hunter Sandra (Cookie) Witt


Don & Betts Baker Sean & Cindy Balisle
Dona Baucom, in memory of Ruth Myers Pat & Harlene Bramer, in honor of Curt & Mary Jane Mottesheard
Belva Brewer Steve & Mary Ellen Browne
Dennis Budd Bob & Carolyn Bumberry (designated for House at Mercy Kids)
Jerry & Joyce Clines Mary Cook
Jack & Marianna Cotten, in memory of J.T. Atkinson Ron & Edie Enos
Early Day Gas & Tractor Association Ladies Auxiliary William & Barbara Easley
Velma Ann Fotorny, in memory of the England Grandchildren Nadine Gentry, in memory of Carson Vahldick
Dennis & Sharon Gilliam, in honor of Reiley Osterhoudt Pat & Fran Gorman
Larry & Mary Jane Grinstead Phil & Barbara Hall, in memory of Joe Post
Terry & Mary Heasty, in honor of Marek & Blakely Thomas (designated for House near Cox South) Michael & Neva Hill
Ron & Donna Jenkins, in honor of Gary & Lynne Ludlam & Family Gary & Dale Keltz, in memory of Daniel Kinnard
John & Jeanne Kyte Bruce & Patti Moore
Dale & Jacqueline Naylor, in honor of Evelyn Close Susan Pon
Mary Jo Rainey Mary Lou Rough (designated for House near Cox South)
Charles & Louise Simmons Brad & Julie Squires
Verl & Nina Strong Jim & Ginny Westwick
Catherine & Cecil Workington, in honor of Connor Smith Nancy Wright


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